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Course overview

Project Scope:

Provide training for the new Aloha (NCR) point of sales system. To be a phased rollout to around 20K cashiers.


Provide system introduction and a safe space to learn and practice the new POS system. Ideally making content mobile compliant as the POS system will be touch screen.


The system had been rolled out in other countries and they had used a booking system to allow learners access to a sandpit environment. This had proved about intensive with varying degrees of uptake. Moving away from a sandpit based rollout was appealing but in turn, presented challenges. The learning needed to be memorable with simulations feeling as real as possible.

Solution Summary:

The solution was to use iorad to create highly engaging simulations and quizzes to create an experience that was identical to real-life transactions. The principles of mental signposting were harnessed to create a structure and flow that allow the learner to build their own memories of the screens and create their own mental maps.

What is Mental Signposting?

If you’d like to learn more about mental signposting and how you can start to use it in a variety of situations check out the blog post: What is mental signposting and how can we use it to teach.

What is iorad?

iorad brings you one of the worlds fastest screen recorders, simulation builders and point of need support solutions available today! You can build simulations quickly and publish them to your learners almost instantly. You’ll see in this course it can also be used to structure and deploy training that empowers the learner to build their own mental maps, rapidly accelerating learning and transfer of knowledge.

Aloha POS systems training.

Using the learners own mental signposting to embed learning.

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