Conflict Management (KFC UK&Ireland)

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Course overview

Project Scope:

Restaurants were identified as needing additional support in conflict situations. This included robberies, violent attacks, verbal and physical abuse, vandalism in restaurants or regular anti-social behaviour by groups. The original training was PowerPoint based and delivered face to face.


Staff to understand that early intervention is key! The biggest issue was a lack of confidence in staff approaching groups and simply breaking the ice, or gently reminding them that the restaurant is not a place for them to mess around, play fight, swear etc.


It is an emotive subject so careful consideration had to be given to the emotions it may trigger in staff who had faced serious conflict situations. We decided that a good helping of reality would be key, without going so far it would scare or panic the learner. The existing face to face solution included high quality which needed to be transformed and included.

Solution Summary:

We identified that the course would be in two parts; knowledge and awareness section and scenarios.  We wanted to make sure learners understanding of conflict and their own self-awareness were of a similar level before practising with the scenarios.

The course includes two branching video scenarios, with the learner making every choice. Each branched outcome has tailored feedback based on the decisions the learner took.  Where a learner reaches a poor outcome they are encouraged to re-take that scenario to learn from their mistakes.

Conflict Management (KFC UK&Ireland)

Putting the learner in the driving seat with branched video scenarios.

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